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Pre-Sales Questions

What is the total amount of words for a 1, 2 or 3 minute video?

There is some video software available online that would allow you to make such videos very easily - Why should I use your services?

Do you offer discount?

My video is going to be only few seconds, do I still have to pay per minute?

Are all the images created from scratch and not stock or template images and scenes?

If I am providing my own script, do I also need to provide you with the drawings ideas?

I do not want my videos displayed on your website/marketing/promotional material upon completion - are you OK with this?

What is the payment schedule and terms?

Can I pass along examples of videos I like?

Why is your main company registered in India?

We require an NDA in place prior to sharing details with you. Is it ok?

What dimensions (px) my video will it be?

What is the process for Animation Video?

Can you show me a few examples of type of videos?

How do you know your explainer video is successful?