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All CollectionsLive Shoot ProductionWhat is your turn around time to complete the entire project?

It takes 4-5 weeks (we usually deliver sooner) to produce a standard brand video from concept to delivery. However, the actual time for producing high quality video production varies with respect to what’s being produced. It may take up to 6 weeks and even longer to complete, depending on the complexity of production, but 4 weeks is the minimum time it takes to complete. For example, it will take a longer time to produce training videos due to the final product’s length than it would to produce a highlight video of an event video production.

We do offer a 2 weeks rush delivery option, however this costs extra as it puts your project on top of priority queue among all the other open projects we have and our team will work around the clock to meet your deadline and deliver everything to you in 14 business days.

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